Protect your favorite face masks

Made from breathable PPE material, mask liners bring the cleanliness of disposable face masks to your stylish every day masks.

Disposable liners protect your mask between washings

layers of ppe material are breathable

Ultra Breathable

feel fresh against mouth

Feel More Fresh

Keep mask clean

Keeps Mask Clean

Designed to help your cloth face masks stay fresher and cleaner any time.

Easy to use

Using Masque Saver disposible face mask liners is as easy as pie!  Just peel the backing and attach to your favorite face mask. When you are done discard and use a new Masque Saver liner.


Masque Saver disposible face mask liners do not interfere with your mask's breathability.

Change as often as needed

Grab a fresh liner for every outing. If you sense any moisture, odors, or sneeze, it might be time to change the liner.

No more lipstick and make-up stains on my designer mask!

Kathy Bell

Wearing my mask is a small thing I can do to help in these tough times. These liners make it way more comfortable and easier to wear it all day without issue.

Mandy B.